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Why Acteus Group?

In today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, unexpected supply chain glitches and other unforeseen issues have created a storm of unprecedented change that can significantly impact companies. As a result of this uncertainty, a crucial demand for a faster, more efficient and more flexible industrial procurement service has emerged.

At Acteus, we aim to provide a seamless experience with our hassle-free supply chain management solutions that will mitigate your risks and increase your cost-savings. We collaborate as a proactive partner, taking the time to understand your requirements and concerns while having a transparent approach throughout the complete process.

By leveraging on advanced technology, the latest market trends and expert analysis with strategic foresight, we streamline your business operations through best practice such as identifying potential risks, setting budget targets, planning out operations, optimising a global supplier database and implementing strategies for effective procurement execution with reduced lead times to achieve healthy profits and in-time deliveries.

Our comprehensive product knowledge, high-level technical know-how and cross-cultural intelligence will add value to your procurement decisions and produce desirable outcomes.

Whether you operate in the Mining, Oil & Gas, Aviation Fuelling, F&B Manufacturing, FMCG or Construction industry, our global reach and local presence will ensure our full range of capabilities to support and power your growth.

✓ Established global presence with an expansive network of reputable suppliers

✓ Reduced purchasing costs with long-term savings

✓ Flexible, efficient and professionally customised procurement solutions

✓ Price benchmark per geographical area

✓ Consolidated purchase volumes

✓ Authentic and reliable all-rounded services with on-time deliveries

✓ Highly skilled technical experts & engineers with a proven track record of service excellence.

Acteus Group empower your Company with Smart MRO 2022

— About US

Acteus Group is a proven leader in providing innovative procurement and supply chain management solutions. Our team of experts have over 50 years of combined experience in the sectors of Mining, Oil & Gas Food & Beverage Manufacturing, Aviation Fuelling, and Construction.
With our in-depth knowledge of Asia Pacific and our expanding worldwide presence, we are dedicated to developing and sustaining a high level of standardised service in various local operating environments (including remote locations).
Our long-term partnerships with our clients, suppliers and partners are a testament to our competitive edge on the global platform and our commitment to the people behind our success.
Acteus Group upholds strong ethics in the way we conduct our day-to-day business based on honesty, integrity, transparency, mutual respect and fairness. Health, safety and ecological management are integral to our business and we make sure that our suppliers and business partners are aligned with our values.

Acteus Group believes in having positive and sustainable impacts in the communities wherever we operate.

— Our Mission

To be a world-class procurement and supply chain industry leader by creating value through innovation, efficiency and sustainability while maintaining the highest standards of service, quality and work ethics as well as building substantial savings for our customers.

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— Our Vision

To empower businesses to achieve more by transforming barriers into opportunities.

— Our Values

We believe in being:

  • Adaptable to change in a rapidly evolving global market
  • Compatible with businesses to achieve maximum growth
  • Trustworthy in order to build strong and long-term business relationships
  • Effective in our operational efficiency, productivity and stewardship
  • Unparalleled in innovative technical know-how and global market insights
  • Sustainable to make a positive impact on the environment, community, society and economy
  • As a people-first organisation, Acteus Group upholds these imperative qualities to our responsibility to the welfare of communities and the environment

— Health & Safety

To ensure our employees’ health and welfare, we train and equip our employees with on-site safety skills. In recognition of our efforts to create a safe and healthy work environment, we are accredited with an ISO 45001 certification.

Acteus also encourages all our team members to adopt a healthy lifestyle and follows embassy-recommended health standards before planning any international travel.

— Environment

Across our offices around the world, we strive to reduce our environmental impact by reducing water and energy consumption and cutting down wastage of general resources. We also ensure to select the most efficient cost-saving and ecological solutions on behalf of our customers for their procurement and logistic needs.

Our ISO 14001 certification is proof of our commitment to an environmental friendly approach. 

— Ethics

A strong, ethical framework based on honesty, integrity and mutual respect are vital in maintaining fair and transparent relationships with our customers, business partners and suppliers. Our partners and suppliers are expected to adhere to our Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

These guidelines require maintaining a professional behaviour at all times, maintaining stringent health and safety standards, protecting the environment and helping underprivileged communities wherever we operate. 

— Sustainability

We make a conscious effort to be socially, economically and environmentally responsible by providing assistance to less privileged persons in communities where we operate. Acteus aims to maintain a profitable business through efficient, effective and ethical means, and reducing our carbon footprint by implementing green initiatives respectively.  

Meet Our Team

Our Management Team

With decades of hands-on experience, passion and positive synergy, our talented team of qualified professionals have helped many businesses around the world to achieve their most ambitious goals.

Management Board

Yann Barry

Cheif Executive Officer

Antoine Corbi

Managing Director

Krishika Sonal

Finance Manager