Our Customers Are The Backbone Of Our Success.

With our intelligent procurement and sourcing solutions, our customers from many industries, can procure the best services for their respective industries and enjoy the benefits of higher returns.

The best Industries that the Acteus Group serves in 2022

— Mining

As global demand for a range of commodities continue to soar, mining companies are under pressure to meet targets on time while facing disruptions from geopolitical, regulatory, operational and financial frameworks.

Operating a mining site in geographically isolating locations can be especially challenging when it comes to acquiring and transporting the necessary tools and equipment to carry out your mining operations in a safe and timely manner.

Thankfully, Acteus Group Industries has built close relationships with major companies to support mining operations, thus reducing risk-related costs and potential equipment downtime, thus helping you build business resilience.

— Oil & Gas

High operating costs in both upstream and downstream production, evolving regulations and stringent environmental standards can add to your business woes. Even delivering supplies to remote locations can be challenging.

As Oil & Gas equipment specialist provider, Acteus is proud to be recognised as one of the most reliable Oil & Gas industry partners in Asia Pacific and abroad. Our innovative strategies have effectively helped many satisfied customers achieve higher ROIs at reduced purchasing costs.

— Food & Beverage manufacturing • FMCG

Rapidly changing food trends, the pressure to be environmentally-friendly, ensuring the quality of raw materials sourced from across borders and maintaining stringent sanitary standards are some of the key challenges FMCG and F&B manufacturers face.

With our lean procurement strategies focusing on Indirect Procurement, we do the groundwork for you to ensure a speedy execution and to deliver on your top priorities.

Acteus Group empower your Company with Smart MRO 2022

— Construction

In today’s modern era, pressing issues such as rapid changes in design trends, legal complexities and growing environmental issues can massively impact day-to-day operations of construction projects of all sizes, resulting in long lead times, inaccurate data, escalating costs and delivery delays.

To combat these, we carefully evaluate your project requirements and adopt a comprehensive procurement strategy to streamline your operations including raw material logistics management, monitoring supplier performance and tracking the timeliness of your delivery.