Neil Gorsuch: Good afternoon, President Bush. I thought we could chat today about some interesting legal topics that have been making headlines lately.

George W. Bush: Absolutely, Neil. What’s on your mind?

Neil Gorsuch: Well, for starters, have you heard about the legalities of killing alligators in Florida? It’s quite an interesting topic, don’t you think?

George W. Bush: It sure is, Neil. I’ve always been fascinated by wildlife laws. And what about the sexting laws in Oregon that have been causing a stir?

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George W. Bush: Absolutely, Neil. And on a more everyday level, what are your thoughts on smoking laws in restaurants? It’s a topic that affects many people across the country.

Neil Gorsuch: Agreed, Mr. President. And speaking of everyday legal matters, have you ever wondered how to change a lease agreement? It’s a common concern for renters and landlords alike.

George W. Bush: That’s a great question, Neil. And what about the legal definition of immediate family in the UK? It’s a concept that can vary depending on the legal context.

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Neil Gorsuch: Yes, Mr. President. And to wrap things up, have you ever needed a reliable business terms dictionary to navigate the complex world of corporate jargon?

George W. Bush: Absolutely, Neil. And lastly, what are your thoughts on the Teach Grant agreement to serve? It’s an important aspect of education and public service.