These are the reasons why Delaware is at times called a tax haven. A private Limited company, or Pvt LTD company, is a sort of privately held small business entity. This kind of business entity limits proprietor risk or Liability to their shares confines the number of investors or Shareholders to 50 and confines investors or shareholders from Publicly exchanging shares.


Very efficient service to get yourself registered with your Business. Another disadvantage of a Private Limited Company is that it cannot issue prospectus to the public. In a Private Limited Company the number of shareholders, in any case, cannot exceed 50.

Dr. J J Irani’s Expert Committee Report ( on OPC in

It means that if the company faces a loss, the personal assets of the members will not be used to pay the company’s debts. The members are liable to pay the debts only to the extent of how much they own towards their shareholding, i.e. the unpaid share value. A private limited company is a popular form of business structure in India. It can be registered with just two members and two directors. It is the most recommended form of business structure for millions of small and medium businesses that are professionally managed or family-owned. An entrepreneur can choose from many types of business structures to establish the business.

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It must be realized that the separate personality of a company is a statutory privilege which must be used for legitimate business purposes only. Where a fraudulent and dishonest use is made of the legal entity, the individuals concerned will not be allowed to take shelter behind the corporate personality. The Court will break through the corporate shell and apply the principle/doctrine of what is called “lifting of or piercing the corporate veil”. Private limited companies’ worth is closely correlated with their internal resources, investments, and business. A public limited business, on the other hand, does not fit this description. We’ve all heard stories of businesses failing as a result of external problems like poor PR, which caused their share values to plunge.

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You’ll also have to issue annual statements in both places. This means it would be double work and also double expense. The government involves highly in the internal and external activities of the company through regulations, laws, and compliances as there is a high amount of public money invested in the business. The company at times has to focus on these excessive regulations and is delayed in achieving its objectives. APrivate Limited Company is formed lawfully with Limited Liability or Legal Protection for its shareholders but that places restrictions on its ownership.

The Companies Act, 2013 offers some exemptions to the OPC concerning compliances. It is not mandatory for an OPC to prepare a cash flow statement. The books of accounts as well as of annual must be signed only by the director. Astitva Kumar is an advocate by profession and has completed her BBA. Her areas of interest include mediation, conflict resolution, finance, cyber laws, and taxation. The words “one person company” must be mentioned after the company’s name.


Alteration increasing liability of members – no alteration can require a person to purchase more shares in the company or to increase his liability in any manner except with his consent in writing. The fourth clause states the nature of liability the members incur. The clause will state whether the liability of the members shall be limited by shares or by guarantee or unlimited. The hardship caused by the above pronouncement was later modified by holding that a citizen shareholder may petition, proceeding on behalf of the company, against violation of his company’s fundamental rights.

In a Private Limited Company, 100% Foreign Direct Investment is allowed that means any foreign entity or foreign person can directly invest in a Private Limited Company. It is also required to havetwo Shareholders of a company. Save taxes with Clear by investing in tax saving mutual funds online. Our experts suggest the best funds and you can get high returns by investing directly or through SIP. Download Black by ClearTax App to file returns from your mobile phone. The ROC will examine the application and issue the Certificate of Incorporation.

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Pros & Cons of Incorporating a Business.

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advantages and disadvantages of incorporation entails drafting “articles of incorporation,” which lists the first objective of the business and its location, together with the variety of shares and class of stock being issued if any. Small companies can have a single shareholder, while very massive and sometimes publicly traded corporations can have several thousand shareholders. This has been listed as a plus, but it can also be a drawback. Directors in an LTD are completely in charge of the company’s course and how they envision its future.

It continues its business irrespective of the changes in membership. Incorporation limits an individual’s liability in case of a lawsuit. Unincorporated companies like sole traders and conventional partnerships place limitless liability on their owners as a result of there isn’t any authorized distinction between the enterprise and the person. All enterprise finances and debts are the duty of the homeowners.

The filing process is costly, and because of its popularity, the filing fee is higher in Delaware when compared to other states. Banks and other financial institutions typically offer Public Limited Companies credit or loans at competitive interest rates. Additionally, PLC has the power to negotiate the terms and conditions for loan repayment.

It can be concluded that an UV act is void and cannot be ratified. It prevents the wrongful application of the company’s assets likely to result in the insolvency of the company and thereby protects creditors. It also prevents directors from departing the object for which the company has been formed and, thus, puts a check over the activities of the directions. However, it has sometimes led to injustice of third parties acting in good faith. Ultra vires acquired property- if a company’s money has been spent ultra vires in purchasing some property, the company’s right over that property must be held secure.

It involves ensuring that shareholders are conscious of their rights and how they should exercise them. Change of the nominee by the memberOPC has all the power to change the nominee at any time by writing a notice to the member. An OPC in India may only be incorporated by a natural person who is a resident of India or an Indian citizen. One person company can have only one director, although it can have up to fifteen directors.

Memorandum defines the scope of the activities of the company, or the area beyond which the actions of the company cannot go. Articles are the rules for carrying out the objects of the company as set out in the memorandum. Neither company, nor members bound to outsiders- articles bind the members to the company and company too the members but neither of them is bound to an outsider to give effect to the articles.

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LLC Versus Corporation.

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As the ownership and management are with a single person the work process becomes a bit difficult. The sole member takes as well as approves all the decisions. There are no differences between ownership and control and sometimes it can lead to unethical practices. As OPC is considered a private company, it has many fundraising options. It can raise funds through angel investors, venture capitals, incubators etc.

Introduction – Incorporation of the Company

Limited legal responsibility incorporations provide monetary safety of the proprietor’s private assets. When compared to a sole proprietorship, the compliance cost is higher. With that, a Private Limited Company that already exists cannot be converted into an OPC. Sir Dinshaw Maneckjee Petit, it was held by the court that the company was formed by the assessee purely and simply as a means of avoiding supertax and the company was nothing more than the assessee himself. It did no business, but was created simply as a legal entity to ostensibly receive the dividends and interests and to hand them over to the assessee as pretended loans”. The Court decided to disregard the corporate entity as it was being used for tax evasion.

Taxation of the corporation is a bit complex and has its advantages and disadvantages. Incorporation can be more expensive and complex than other forms of business ownership, such as sole proprietorship or partnership. Incorporating a business requires the assistance of an attorney and can involve fees for filing paperwork and maintaining corporate records.

The new name would also require the prior approval of the Central Govt. The British Diabetic Society was compelled to change its name to something that would not impinge the goodwill of the British Diabetic Association (British Diabetic Association v. The Diabetic Society). The last clause states the amount of capital with which the company is proposed to be registered and the kinds, number and value of shares into which the capital is to be divided. The name of a company must be painted outside of every place where the company carries on business and printed on every business document and official letter of the company. Perpetual succession- An incorporated company never dies.

When you register a firm in Delaware, you don’t have to submit the names of your officers or directors to the state. This gives you anonymity, therefore protects your privacy. Public Limited Company Registration has advantages and disadvantages, just like any other business. Public Limited Company is totally the best option for you if you wish to manage a firm with ample cash and unrestricted responsibility.

The interaction between various members is corporate governance to shape the success of the organization and its approach. There should be a healthy relationship between the owners and managers of an organization and no conflict between the two. The owners must see that the actual performance of the individual is based on standard performance. These corporate governance dimensions should not be ignored.

Incorporation of an organization refers to the strategy of legally forming an organization or a corporate entity. Advantages of incorporation of a company are restricted legal responsibility, transferable shares, perpetual succession, separate property, the capability to sue, flexibility and autonomy. Incorporated businesses supply many more advantages over sole proprietorship corporations or partnership firms. Let us discover the advantages of incorporation of an organization in detail. State law requires firms to undertake sure endings or abbreviations relying on what they incorporate as.

A Public Limited Company’s stock is listed on the stock exchange, which attracts more potential shareholders. It involves a number of stages starting from the promotion which is an expensive job. End incorporation, compliance, advisory, and management consultancy services to clients in India and abroad in all the best possible ways.

This provides the owners and managers with an adequate opportunity to meet goals in the interests of shareholders and the business. Investor trust is maintained by sound corporate governance, enabling a business to raise capital efficiently and effectively. Since a single person is responsible for all the affairs of the company, it can be managed easily. Even the ordinary resolutions can be entered and signed by a single member. Hence, it is easy to manage and run a company as there will be no delay within the business. Incorporation of a company refers back to the means of legally forming a company or a company entity.

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