St Petersburg Businessman Andrey Berezin Creates an Unusual Industrial Cluster

The layout of nonresidential areas was designed no less thoroughly than living rooms. Since the early zero’s, the company actively realizes development projects, managing to take a leading position in the construction market in St. Petersburg and the surrounding areas of the Leningrad region. Moreover, Euroinvest is actively working on transforming even the roofs of its own houses into recreational and social territories. After the lounge area appeared in the second stage of the id Kudrovo residential complex, the experience was deemed successful and subject to expansion. In addition, Euroinvest reflects the growing worldwide interest in education and the learning of new skills in its construction practice. In 1990 he graduated with honors from Leningrad Ustinov Mechanical Institute (VOENMEKh) with a degree in automatic control systems engineering.

It is a sacred figure even today when there are many questions about the quality of Russian education. Berezin’s entire history is a search for answers to the most complex challenges of our time. In this, he has succeeded far more than many civil servants of past and current decades, and this is another profession that the people of Russia highly appreciate and respect. It isn’t worth looking at the credit ratings of government agencies, but to look at what their parents wanted their children to be.

The Secret of Success is an Impeccable Reputation – Andrey Berezin

For the first time in many years, a factory for the production of cheese, cottage cheese, and yogurt appeared in the Dnovsky district possessing high quality. Moreover, additional areas for fodder production were purchased from 4 thousand hectares to 6.5 thousand hectares. It is possible to close a significant part of the losses and costs using all existing support measures for dairy producers. Other projects in the holding’s piggy bank include developing traction batteries for domestic electric vehicles, creating a new generation of microstrip boards, and location sensors for estimating ice cover thickness. This list is truly expansive, ranging from a large array of improvements that will influence many industries moving towards the fourth industrial revolution.

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They will go to the structures of Rosatom, and the company’s team will help the Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences with the new equipment. Such projects, of course, would be challenging to implement without active cooperation with the country’s leading research centers. Indeed, Svetlana has been increasingly closely involved in partnerships with them in recent years, essentially the result of the efforts of the Euroinvest team. Another promising direction is related to devices based on high-frequency currents.

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If with our help, we manage not to miss out on at least some of the future geniuses, we can consider that life was not lived in vain. Young people need to feel supported, to know that their work and achievements will not only be noticed but also appreciated. The company plans to build the center at its own expense, aiming to build several buildings at once, as well as a sports center and a laboratory unit. Berezin and Vasiliev succeeded in the new sphere due to several proactive decisions – the partners anticipated the trends that would later dominate the mass housing market. Moreover, the Rostov region is a Black Earth land with a reasonably large population, which dramatically simplifies the task at hand.

The problem was not in buying land but in developing it competently, building it up, and selling the real estate built on time and without losses. One of the first attempts was the purchase of an agricultural farm in the Dnovsky district of the Pskov region. The successes of the new production are noticeable, although they remain local. Sales of the cluster’s products are mainly concentrated within the Pskov Region.

It was at the turn of the nineties when the Russian business, together with the majority of the country’s population, was working by the principle that there was no time to live, no time to be alive. At the early stages of his business career, Berezin invested only where he could achieve stable positive results. This is precisely what is happening in the case of the St. Petersburg investment company Euroinvest. Not so long ago, its director, Andrey Berezin, astonished experts and the public with the announcement that the company would undertake the construction of a principally new educational establishment. It cannot be said that nothing is being done through the state; on the contrary, the problem has been prioritized. One of the national projects is devoted to it, within the framework of which 16 key directions are realized at once.

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