It is crucial that a board meeting runs smoothly and that all issues are taken care of. The following procedure for board meetings will help ensure that the meeting proceeds according to plan and all the important points are addressed.

The chair starts the meeting by addressing any questions of a personal or formal nature and welcoming guests or new members to the board. The board is introduced in a formal fashion, and the officers are introduced.

The board receives a lot of information during meetings, usually in the form or committee reports and correspondence. The chair should allocate time for this during the meeting, however it is essential that this doesn’t distract from the discussion of more urgent issues.

Once the board has discussed the past’s performance and its related triumphs and pitfalls, it will then discuss future strategies. This will include coming up with ideas that will help the company grow and develop in various departments and increase its market share. The board will then deliberate on the best approach to implement these strategies and develop actions items for the management team to follow so.

Usually the board will go over any new business brought up by the board or executive management. The board will also go over old issues that have not been solved. The chair will then propose to adjourn the meeting.

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